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iCSmini 2

Controller box with embedded iCS for use with iseg Hardware equipped with CAN or RS-232

The iseg iCSmini2 is an intelligent external controller box with an embedded Linux-Server system with preinstalled iseg Communication Server (iCS). The iCS comes with a large set of preconfigured services as EPICS, Web-Control, SNMP, SOAP, Websocket, OPC/UA1, isegHAL and HTTP-API. The iCS also delivers two main web based user applications. iCScontrol provides a quick and smart control interface of the connected hardware by using web-browser without software installation. iCSconfig is used for hardware and service configuration and firmware upgrades. Both can also be run on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. For native application control several software solutions are available:

  • iseg SNMP Control
  • isegControl (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • isegHalRemote-Library

  • Ethernet and WiFi (opt.) connectivity
  • Embedded Linux-Server with iCS control system
  • 1 CAN D-SUB9, 1 RS-232 D-SUB9, 3 USB-A connectors
  • Controls wide range of iseg Power Supplies, Crates, Modules, Devices (see compatibility list)
  • small form factor
  • rack and top-hat rail (EN 60715) mount kits available
  • Preconfigured services: EPICS, SNMP, HTTP, SOAP, Websocket
  • Webbrowser based control and configuration system
  • Easy configuration and firmware updates of connected hardware

Modell iCSmini 2
Hersteller iseg
Kanäle 1
Schnittstelle IN Ethernet, WiFi
Schnittstelle OUT CAN, USB, Ethernet, RS232
aktuell neu geplant abgekündigt
Schnittstelle IN
Schnittstelle OUT
Standard / optoentkoppelt
iCSmini 2iCSmini 2
Art.-Nr.: CSmini2
iseg1Ethernet, WiFiCAN, USB, Ethernet, ...integrierter Linux S...iseg_iCSmini2.pngiseg_manual_iCSmini2_en_20201023133528.pdf
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