How-to perform an iCS2.xx system update

If your iCS already has version 2.6 or higher, please follow the steps under 1.

If your iCS has version 2.5, please follow the steps under 2.

Otherwise, please have a look at 3.

  1. A system update from version 2.6.x to a higher version is performed without any specifics in the usual way:

  1. Check online for updates under iCSconfig > updates or upload a local file manually by browsing your system.

  2. Execute the system update iCS V2.6.x by pressing the green install button

  3. The log window will be opened automatically.

  4. Push the orange INSTALL button and follow the messages

  5. Restart the iCS system in order to apply the new system firmware. Note that the new iCS version will be displayed after the restart at the bottom of iCScontrol.

  1. System update from version 2.5.x to 2.6.x or higher transforms the partition scheme.

   It will be performed in a partitioning step under control of iCS2.5.x and a system update ste to version 2.6.x or higher:

  1. Follow the firstfour steps in chapter “System update from version 2.6.x” above in order to perform the partitioning step.

    1. While this step is executed the WEB interface will lose the connection.

    2. Please try to re-connect the iCS system after one minute. When the connection to the WEB interface is established again, you are ready for the next system update step to iCS version 2.6.x.

  2. Repeat the steps 3-6 of system update steps in chapter System update from version 2.6.x” above in order to update the iCS firmware.

  1. System update from version 2.4.x or lower to version 2.6.x or higher consists of three parts:

  1. Perform a firmware update to the latest iCS version 2.5.x in the same manner like the five update steps of the first chapter. The only difference is, that the update file here is iCS V2.5.x

  2. Afterwards perform the two update steps of chapter two.