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Adapters and Controllers

Accessories Adapters and Controllers

For trouble-free operation of CAN controlled iseg devices we recommend the CAN interfaces of PEAK-System Technik GmbH.

  • standard and optical isolated
  • 1 or 2 channel

model CAN Adapters
Manufacturer PEAK-System
ch. 1 - 2
Interface IN USB, PCI, PCI Express
Interface OUT CAN
current new planned discontinued
Interface IN
Interface OUT
standard / optical isolated
CAN AdaptersPCAN-USB Adapter 1-channel standard
itemcode: 598110
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CAN AdaptersPCAN-USB Pro-Adapter 2-channel optical isolated
itemcode: 598163
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PEAK-System2USBCANoptical isolatediseg_USBPRO.png
CAN AdaptersPCAN mini-PCIe 1-channel standard
itemcode: 598210
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CAN AdaptersPCAN PCI-Express 1-channel optical isolated
itemcode: 520144
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PEAK-System1PCI ExpressCANoptical isolatediseg_PCI.png
CAN AdaptersPCAN PCI-Express 2-channel optical isolated
itemcode: 598161
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PEAK-System2PCI ExpressCANoptical isolatediseg_PCI.png
CAN AdaptersPCAN PCI 1-channel standard
itemcode: 598053
configure now
CAN AdaptersPCAN PCI 2-channel standard
itemcode: 520034
configure now
CAN AdaptersPCAN PCI 1-channel optical isolated
itemcode: 598128
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PEAK-System1PCICANoptical isolatediseg_PCI.png
CAN AdaptersPCAN PCI 2-channel optical isolated
itemcode: 520044
configure now
PEAK-System2PCICANoptical isolatediseg_PCI.png
CAN AdaptersPCAN-USB Adapter 1-channel optical isolated
itemcode: 598155
configure now
PEAK-System1USBCANoptical isolatediseg_USBPRO.png
code description

configuration tool

This tool helps to select a suitable iseg device and to combine suitable options and interfaces into an product that can be ordered with a final article number. It can also be used to decode known item codes.

Product preview

Note: manuals and datasheets can be downloaded under configurations-tab