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Goodbye SHQ, Hello SHR

Dear [Title] [Vorname] [Nachname],

on January, 16th in 1998 the first SHQ - Laboratory Desktop High Voltage Power Supply was delivered. Within 20 years more than 600 devices have been produced in many different versions for various applications. Among these are insulation testing or the experimental operation of particle detectors.

The brand new SHR High Voltage Power Supply now follows these big footsteps and initializes a generation change. Thereby it offers a comprehensive set of new features:

Due to the simple usability and extensible software feature set, e.g. for automated test tasks, the device joins the family of Source Measure Units (SMU) - and is one of the first in this section.

SHR - High Voltage SMU

  • 4 channels, 2 channel types: 2kV/6mA fixed or 6kV with 3 switchable HV modes (2/4/6 kV, 4/3/2 mA)
  • electronically switchable polarity
  • low ripple and noise (<3-5mVp-p)
  • touch screen control and integrated iCS
  • hardware voltage- and current limits
  • voltage- and current control per channel
iseg High Voltage Desktop Power Supply SHR follows the successful SHQ series

Over the time the SHQ has been used in many special application fields. The highly precise and high resolutioned current measurement ability has been a unique characteristic over the years in the field of High Voltage Power Supplies. The available Standard and High Precision versions of the SHR own high professional features, that are already known by SHQ. These are for example:

Using the USB-AUX connectors it is possible to connect external flash memories for logging purposes, to operate the SHR remotely by Wifi (optional adapter required) or also to easily survey the experiment by a connected USB camera.

The software plugin system allows it to extend the frontend system with more applications, even custom specific solutions can be easily be integrated.

We wish the future users of the SHR the same success as with its predecessor.

Best regards - your iseg sales team

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