Precision Days


We are proud to present the iseg Precision Days sale. To celebrate the iCS2.5 release and promote our finest high precision power supplies, all our customers will receive up to 20% off purchases of qualified SHR and NHR devices starting October 1st, 2020 through the year’s end.*

Both the SHR and NHR series are among iseg’s finest in high-voltage laboratory SMU (source measuring units) solutions, equipped with iseg‘s latest high-voltage circuitry and interface technology. These devices are a must-have laboratory multi-tool, designed for universal laboratory use and a variety of special application fields. High precision and high resolution current measurements have made iseg a staple in the research community, from national laboratories to educational projects around the world.




Labratory High Voltage Precision Source Measure Unit up to 6kV



High Precision Versatile High Voltage Module in NIM standard


  • 2 / 4 channels, 2 kV / 6 kV versions
  • Electronically switchable polarity
  • 6 kV channels with electronically switchable modes: up to 2 kV / 4 mA, 4 kV / 3 mA or 6 kV / 2 mA
  • High-precision / very low ripple and noise / high resolution
  • USB / Ethernet** interface
  • Integrated iCS 2.5 (ARM Linux server hardware) with onboard Python scripting**
  • 4.3“ TFT capacitive touch display (SHR)

The iCS 2.5 software plug-in system allows for a wider variety of applications from one device. Our team is ready and willing to help you find the right SHR or NHR for your application, whether it be standard use or a highly customized application. Feel free to ask iseg support team or your participating local iseg retailer for more information.

* This offer is applicable through iseg and participating sales partners. Offer cannot be combined with other offers / quantity discounts and not applicable for frame contracts. Only applicable to qualified SHR and NHR devices. Feel free to ask iseg support team or your participating local iseg retailer for more information.

** SHR-device only