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Channel supply principles

Distinct source - one generator per channel

Multichannel Standard or High Precision HV modules are equipped with a distinct HV generator in each channel. All channels can be operated independently in a constant voltage or a constant current mode with a very precise setting and measurement of both values. High precision modules provide a second current measurement range that allows a measurement resolution of a few pA.

distinct source


A Distributor module has a single HV source to supply up to 24 HV channels. This principle allows very inexpensive multichannel HV supplies. The voltage in each channel can be controlled independently between 0 V and Vnom. A current measurement is provided per channel and allows a resolution down to 1∙10-4 ∙ Inom. Ripple and noise of the output voltage is comparable to values of distinct source HV modules. There are some limitations in the maximum output voltage and power (currently limited to 3kV and 1.5W per channel). A constant current mode is not available. If a hardware or software current limit is exceeded the channel is switched of with or without a ramp (configurable).


Bipolar distributor

A bipolar distributor HV-module has a positive and a negative HV source to supply up to 8 HV channels. These channels can be operated in a real four-quadrant mode, i.e. as a current source or sink in both polarities. They can be driven continuously through the zero-point in current and voltage. All other properties are the same as for the unipolar distributor module.

bipolar distributor