High Voltage for process engineering and industrial manufacturing equipment

High Voltage for Mass Spectrometry

For analysis of unknown substances in Biology, Chemics and Medicine, Mass Spectrometers are widely used. Depending on design and application of the mass spectrometer, high voltage power supplies with very high stabilities are necessary for the required analyses. iseg offers standard solutions as wel ... learn more about Mass Spectrometry

High Voltage for Particle filter

Particle filter are electrostatic filter and are used for the filtering of exhaust gas, especially in set ups with exhaust particles with big dimensions (e.g. wood gas facilities). The necessary high voltage power supplies have to be ruggedizzed, reliable and easy to install and use. iseg has a long ... learn more about Particle filter

High Voltage for Capacitor Charging

capacitor charging often has high requirements regarding repeatability and constant charging current. iseg has much experience in adapting hogh voltage power supplies for capacitor charging applications and has wide range of already completed basic products. ... learn more about Capacitor Charging

High Voltage for Electrostatic Chuck

Used for holding wafers during process in vacuum. An electrostatic force clamps the wafer.

... learn more about Electrostatic Chuck

High Voltage for Electron Beam Systems

Electron Beam Systems are widely used in Science and Industry (i.e. Electron beam welding, surface-harden, sterilization, perforation, electron beam lithography). For acceleration and deflection of electrons high voltage power supplies are necessary. ... learn more about Electron Beam Systems

High Voltage for Ion Implantation

Ion Implantation is used for insertion of Ions into specific materials (doping) to achieve a specific change of the characteristics of the basic material. This method often used in the semiconductor industry. Several steps of this method (i.e. Acceleration, Separation of Ions, Deflection of Ions) ... learn more about Ion Implantation

High Voltage for Plasma creation

For generation and maintenance of electron plasma for usage in Science and Industry High Voltage Power Supplies with high output power are often used. Usually for Ignition high voltages and for maintenance high current is necessary. iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH has already done several adaptations of ... learn more about Plasma creation

High Voltage for Material Separation

To separate different materials one from another, one often uses electrical fields, generated by high voltage power supplies. For example to separate and to recycle the materials existing in shreddered electronics waste. ... learn more about Material Separation