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X-ray applications

HV solutions for the supply of x-ray applications

High voltage devices of EPS and HPS series equipped with suitable options are ideally suited as power supply for X-ray tubes. The necessary filament supply (cathode ground type X-ray tube or anode ground type X-ray tube) can be integrated into the EPS or HPS.

system specifications (sample):

  • stability of the output voltage up to 0.01%,
  • low ripple of output voltage
  • temperature coefficient less than 30ppm/K
  • ARC Management, ARC detection, ARC protection
  • Interlock safety system
  • two mains connections for separate supply of the control unit and the power unit of the device
  • integrated filament supply (floating version up to 80 kV)
  • direct filament current control or configurable parent emission regulation
  • configurable controller parameters of the emission control
  • configurable minimum and maximum filament current
  • different voltages on top of high voltage potential (e.g. supply for filament and wehnelt cylinder)
  • HV generator as well as filament supply programmable via USB interface (ARC management, controller parameters, etc.)

Very simple integration into the plant control via analogue interface or complex control with a digital interface (Ethernet, CAN, IEEE-488, RS232)

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