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E-beam coating applications

High Voltage Power Supplies for electron-beam coating applications

High voltage devices of the class HPS equipped with suitable options are ideally suited as a power supply for electron beam coating. The necessary filament supply is available both as a standalone device and integrated into a HPS. Furthermore the HPS can be obtained with additional magnet current supply as option MCS.

  • ultrafast configurable ARC Management, full arc recovery in less than 5 ms (option ARC)
  • current limitation during an ARC to less than 4 A (option ACL)
  • increased process integrity by micro ARC detection (with the option ACL - full micro ARC recovery in less than 1 ms)
  • possible parallel operation of two electron beam processes
  • stand alone or integrated filament supply (integrated up to 2 per HPS)
  • direct filament current control or configurable parent emission regulation
  • programmable controller parameters of the emission control
  • configurable minimum and maximum filament current
  • magnet current supply (integrated up to 2 per HPS)
  • HV generator as well as filament supply programmable via USB interface (ARC management, controller parameters, etc.)

iseg high voltage power supplies are characterized by their very good integrability into line control systems by analog or digital interfaces (Ethernet, CAN, IEEE-488, RS232, ...)

iseg provides HV supply solutions for e-beam coating applications
HV supply systems for e-beam-coating
system comparism
integrated HV supply for e-beam-coating systems
integrated supplies solution
dedicated supplies for e-beam-coating systems
dedicated supplies solution

integrated supplies

  • HV supply with up to 2 integrated filament supply units and up to 2 integrated magnet current supplies for e-beam coating applications
  • filament supply on internal HV potential
  • all HPS features and options available
  • optional front panel operation with LCD

dedicated supplies

  • dedicated filament supply unit for e-beam based coating applications
  • filament supply on HV potential via HV-in connector
  • USB, AIO, CAN, RS232, Ethernet interfaces
  • optional front panel operation with LCD
  • direct heating control or parent emission regulation