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High Voltage for Metrology and Inspection

High Voltage for cable test facility

Systems for cable testing, for example for validation of proof voltage, defects analysis, defects repair or diagnosis of additional parameters are fields of usage of iseg high voltage power supplies with output voltages up to 80kV. iseg has a longstanding experience and several cooperations with ind ... learn more about cable test facility

High Voltage for HV Testing

During product or component development in science and industry, sometimes high voltage tests are necessary. These are done to measure the reaction or the durability of components or whole products to exposure to high voltage in short or long time scales. For different setups, high voltage supplies ... learn more about HV Testing

High Voltage for X-Ray Tubes

X-Ray tubes are used for various applications in ... learn more about X-Ray Tubes

High Voltage for Electrophoresis

Applying electromagnetic fields, electrophorese is used for separation and analysis of mixtures of substances in Biology, Chemistry and Medicine. Depending on the setup of the experiment, high voltage power supplies are used. ... learn more about Electrophoresis