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High Voltage for radiation and particle detectors

High Voltage for Avalanche photo diodes

Avalanche Photo-Diodes (APD) are used for detection of very small doses of light or radiation with in some cases very high frequencies. Dependent on Design and application APDs can also be used for single photon counting. APDs are used in various fields in Science and Industry, such as Biology, Medi ... learn more about Avalanche photo diodes

High Voltage for PMT

Photomultiplier tubes (PMT) are usually used for detection of weak doses of light in various different applications such as Particle Detectors for Neutrons and Muons (in combination with scintillator materials), medical technologies, optical spectroscopy, electron microscopy and many more. iseg offe ... learn more about PMT

High Voltage for Solid-state detectors

Particle Detectors based on semiconductive materials, such as Silicon-, Germanium- and Cadmium zinc telluride-detectors and Silicon Photomultipliers are used for the proof and measurement of ionizing radiation. Depending on design and application of the detector, high voltage power supplies with hig ... learn more about Solid-state detectors

High Voltage for Dosimeters and dose rate meters

Dosimeters and dose rate meters are used for the measurement of radiation doses in radiation protection and by relief units such as fire brigades, police and military(NBC). Depending on Design and application high voltage power supplies are necessary. iseg is providing several manufacturers of dosim ... learn more about Dosimeters and dose rate meters

High Voltage for gas ionisation detectors

Gas ionisation detectors, such as Ionisation Chambers, Straw-Tubes, Wire Chambers, Resisitive Plate Chambers, Gas Electron Multipliers, MicroMegas and more are widely used in different applications for the detection of ionising radiation. For proper operation these detectors often need reliable high ... learn more about gas ionisation detectors

High Voltage for Electrostatic Lenses

electrostatic lenses are used for deviation,  focus and control of ion beams. Therefore, depending on the requested reaction, different electromagnetic fields are applied. For the generation of the electromagnetic fields high-voltage power supplies are necessary.  iseg Spezialelektronik Gm ... learn more about Electrostatic Lenses