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Is a global control signal for the module. It defines the behaviour as a consequence to the exceedance of a given limit (Vmax, Imax, Iset, Itrip ). If KILL-ENABLE is activated a channel that exceeds one of the limits (Vmax, Imax, Iset ) will be shut down within a hardware response time of < 1 ms. A channel that exceeds the limit Itrip will be shut down after a software response time of 10 to 1000 ms, depending on the ADC sampling rate.


Modules equipped with the option INHIBIT provide the possibility to shut down single channels, a group of channels (monitor group) or the entire module with or without ramp, triggered by an external signal.

Details of iseg INHIBIT function


The Safety Loop (SL) is a galvanically isolated current loop. With an activated Safety Loop High-Voltage can only be switched on if the loop is closed and fed with a current between 5 and 20 mA. Opening the loop will immediately shut down the high voltage generation. The Safety Loop can be deactivated with a jumper on the back side of the module. The safety loop connector is located on the front panel. Modules with a multipin HV connector provide additional SL-contacts on this connector.


The INTERLOCK is a galvanically isolated current loop. In this current loop there are no other semiconductor devices. With open interlock the gate pulses of the power semiconductors of the high voltage generation are blocked by mechanical relays (certified in accordance with IEC/EN 60950 and UL 60950, fulfils the Telcordia requirements according GR 1089 and FCC part 68). With open interlock the high voltage generation is blocked.