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Controller Module for use with MMS compatible ECH crate series and modules

The iseg CC 24/23 series is an intelligent embedded Linux-Server system with preinstalled iseg Communication Server (iCS). The iCS comes with a large set of preconfigured services as EPICS, Web-Control, SNMP, SOAP, Websocket, OPC/UA1, isegHAL and HTTP-API. The iCS also delivers two main web based user applications. iCScontrol provides a quick and smart control interface of the connected hardware by using web-browser without software installation. iCSconfig is used for hardware and service configuration and firmware upgrades. Both can also be run on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. For native application control several software solutions are available:

  • iseg SNMP Control
  • isegControl (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • isegHalRemote-Library

  • Master (CC24) / Slave (CC23) versions available
  • Embedded Linux-Server with iCS control system (Master version)
  • Two independent CAN extension ports (for Slave connection)
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, WiFi unplugable
  • Controls crate and module functions
  • Digital I/O: Free configurable INHIBIT, INTERLOCK
  • Preconfigured services: EPICS, SNMP, HTTP, SOAP, Websocket
  • Webbrowser based control and configuration system
  • Easy configuration and firmware updates of connected hardware

    model CCxx CC238012
    interfaces ETHERNET ETHERNET
    dim. (l/w/h) 220mm / 4HP / 6U - / - / -
    manual see configurations see configurations
    datasheet Manual CC2x Manual CC2x
    image iseg_CC23_gesamt.png iseg_CC2x-Topology.png iseg_CC23_gesamt.png iseg_CC2x-Topology.png
    current new planned discontinued
    dim. (l/w/h)
    itemcode: CC23
    configure now
    ETHERNET220mm / 4HP / 6Uiseg_CC23_gesamt.png iseg_CC2x-Topology.pngManual CC2xManual CC2x

    itemcode: CC24
    configure now
    ETHERNET220mm / 4HP / 6Uiseg_CC24.png iseg_CC2x-Topology.pngManual CC2xManual CC2x
    code description

    configuration tool

    This tool helps to select a suitable iseg device and to combine suitable options and interfaces into an product that can be ordered with a final article number. It can also be used to decode known item codes.

    Product preview

    Note: manuals and datasheets can be downloaded under configurations-tab