High Voltage for X-Ray Tubes

X-Ray tubes are used for various applications in Science (i.e. Analysis of Materials), Industry (i.e. thickness measurement) and Medicine (i.e. Diagnostics). Often high voltage power supplies with different specifications according to the application are needed for the generation of X-Rays.

High Voltage for X-Ray Tubes: iseg EPS series

EPS modules are versatile DC/DC high voltage power supplies with multiple options. The modules are available as compact metal box in 60W and 150W version or system capable in 3U Eurocassette-standard in 60W. EPS modules can be used as standalone DC/DC converters, combined to multichannel AC/DC supply in a THQ series or integrated in a modular MMC system. The output voltage is controllable via analog interface with either a potentiometer (internal reference voltage) or an analog control voltage. To protect the connected load the modules are equipped with INHIBIT and INTERLOCK (optional).

High Voltage for X-Ray Tubes: iseg GPS series

Devices of GPS series are analog controlled AC driven high voltage power supplies with a high power density at best output characteristics. Due to a wide range of customization possibilities, these devices are the perfect choice to match fixed requirements at a very reasonable price.