High Voltage for Electrostatic Chuck

Used for holding wafers during process in vacuum. An electrostatic force clamps the wafer.

High Voltage for Electrostatic Chuck: iseg DPS series

The DPS series includes high voltage power supply modules with output voltages up to 6 kV in a compact and easily mountable housing. The maximum power is 12 W, polarity is switchable. The HV output is finished by HV cable or by SHV connector. The version the supply and control voltages are connected either via a D-SUB 9 connector or H15 connector (3U cassette).

An internal reference voltage can be used to control the output voltage with help of an external potentiometer. Analog I/O is provided for remote monitoring and control. To protect connected loads hardware limits for voltage and current can be defined. Our patented resonance converter technology and the metal box shielding guarantee lowest EMI.

High Voltage for Electrostatic Chuck: iseg THQ series

The inexpensive and robust desktop high voltage power supplies are equipped with proven high voltage modules of the CPS, DPS and EPS series. The units are available with either 1, 2 or 3 high voltage channels in many variations and combinations. The output voltage is controlled via the 10-turn potentiometer, the USB interface or the analog I/O. Output voltage and current is displayed on a 2 line LCD per channel, located on the front panel.