High Voltage for HV Testing

During product or component development in science and industry, sometimes high voltage tests are necessary. These are done to measure the reaction or the durability of components or whole products to exposure to high voltage in short or long time scales. For different setups, high voltage supplies from iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH can be used.

High Voltage for HV Testing: iseg GPS series

Devices of GPS series are analog controlled AC driven high voltage power supplies with a high power density at best output characteristics. Due to a wide range of customization possibilities, these devices are the perfect choice to match fixed requirements at a very reasonable price.

High Voltage for HV Testing: iseg HPS series

HPS devices are digital controlled AC driven high voltage power supplies with high power density at best output characteristics. The processor controlled supplies can fl exibly be adapted to any kind of application by confi guring many options.

PWM controlled output parameters, small ripple and noise and stored energy, up to 93% effi ciency and almost loss free switching of semiconductors makes HPS devices the most advanced AC/DC HV power supply for industrial and research applications.

High Voltage for HV Testing: iseg SHR series

The new SHR series represents standalone High Precision HVlabratory SMU - Source Measuring Unit - equipped with thefinest iseg HV generation technology and iCS control system.The SHR provides up to 4 HV-channels, each with an independentvoltage and current control and reversible polarity.A completely new developed flexible 6kV channel provides amaximum versatility:With three electronically switchable HV-generation modes it cansupply 4 mA up to voltages of 2 kV, 3 mA up to 4 kV or 2 mAup to 6 kV. Alternatively the SHR can be equipped with costefficient 2kV/6mA fixed channels.A high quality 4.3“ TFT shows detailed information and canbe controlled by capacitive touch. All comprehensive features likelogging, graphical display and customer specific plugins are alsoavailable by the precise jog-wheel and buttons.

High Voltage for HV Testing: iseg THQ series

The inexpensive and robust desktop high voltage power supplies are equipped with proven high voltage modules of the CPS, DPS and EPS series. The units are available with either 1, 2 or 3 high voltage channels in many variations and combinations. The output voltage is controlled via the 10-turn potentiometer, the USB interface or the analog I/O. Output voltage and current is displayed on a 2 line LCD per channel, located on the front panel.