DC/DC High Voltage Supplies

Compact sized with high precision. High Voltage in metal box or PCB (print module) mountable.

high voltage power supply DC/DCDC/DC High Voltage Power Supplies

AC/DC High Voltage Supplies

Powerful, precise and reliable. AC driven High Voltage generation. As rack-, metal box or benchtop HVPS.

High voltage power supply AC/DCAC/DC High Voltage Power Supplies

Multichannel High Voltage Supply systems.

Flexible and scalable HVPS solutions.
19" Eurocassette, NIM, VME and more. Available as rack or benchtop versions.

Multichannel High voltage power supply systemsMultiple High Voltage Power Supplies

HIGH VOLTAGE. made in germany.

High Voltage for industrial processes.

iseg develops high precise and reliable High Voltage Power Supplies in Industry Standards. Our customers benefit from best Quality and flexible customized solutions in such as following applications

Supplies for research and large experiments.

iseg designs and produces high voltage power supplies for special purpose in industry and research applications

  • high precision Source Measure Units (SMU / Sourcemeter)
  • large number of detector bias supplies
  • custom design for special purpose applications
  • 3 years warranty on many devices, extendable to 5 years
  • wide range of product series and configurations

iseg product catalog. The High Voltage source.

The new iseg catalog is now available.

  • comprehensive technical information
  • full product index
  • HV supply solutions
  • complete redesigned, color guided and much more

dates and events

5.3. - 9.3.2018

iseg presents High voltage for physics applications on the Future Light Sources FLS2018, where the 60th ICFA Advcanced Beam Dynamics Workshop takes place.

DPG Spring Meetings 2018
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iseg will join the 2018 Spring Meetings

Future Light Source FLS2018, Shanghai (CN)
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08.02. - 09.02.2018

The joint BESIII-LHCb workshop aims to enhance the interplay of the two physics instruments.

BESIII-LHCb Workshop at IHEP / Bejing (CN)
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24.1. - 26.1.2018

The European XFELUser´s Meeting is an annual event to strengthen the interaction of the project and the scientific community. iseg is proud to join again and looks forward to meet known and new people.

2018 European XFEL User´s Meeting | DESY Hamburg (Germany)
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The 9. PRORA will take place from Novemeber, 30th to December, 1st in Berlin.

9. PRORA / Berlin (Germany)
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IEEE-NSS 2017 - Atlanta / USA

IEEE-NSS 2017 - Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
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10. - 11.10.2017 GERMANY@CERN 2017 Exhibition for German industry at CERN (iseg joins again in 2017 the industry exhibition at CERN to present new developments of High Voltage Power Supplies as the NHR 4 channel NIM supply with electronical polarity switching.)
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14. SPARC Workshop - GANIL Campus, Caen, France

14. SPARC 2017 - Topical Workshop in Caen
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News. Product releases and more.

clients and partners. iseg products in use.

CERN FRIB NSCL TU-Dresden Beamtec GmbH Mesacon SPECTRO / Ametek Vacutec Thermo Scientific and many more